About Bilodeau basses


I've been playing bass since 1997 and I was really curious to understand how this great instrument was made. I then started to read books and hundrends of web sites to try to get an idea of what was the workflow. So in 2005, I asked my grandfather for help with the project of making my first bass guitar. He taught me woodworking basics, I taught him the theory of guitars and bass construction. Together we succeed in making a fretless 4 string. It was a unique experience. Sadly, a lung cancer took him less then a year later.

Still passionate by basses, I made a second bass in the kitchen of my appartment and it was a success. I showed it in a couple of bass forums and I ended up receiving requests to build custom instruments. At the time, I didn't expect this would happen. I was making basses for myself at first. But I realized I enjoyed the process of making basses and wanted to make more!

As you can read, I did not learn in a special school. I am well surrounded by people who believe in me. I also learn from my failures or others failure. I hope I will be able to learn and improve my work for years to come.

Finally, I live in a small village in southern Qu├ębec, Canada. It's cold and windy in the winter and hot in the summer. I live with my wife and two great little girls, surrounded by great forests. If you have the chance to drive up to my home to get your finished bass, I'll be happy to welcome any passionnate bass player so we can share and learn.


Mathieu Bilodeau